What is a squatted truck: And where did it first start?

Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about the most popular squatted truck in California. Which is going on in the most discussion on social media these days The truck has been designed very well with a raised front end and a fairly low rear end. As you can also see in the above picture. Along with this, many modern safety and convenience features have also been included to enhance the driving experience.

If you want to know everything about squatted trucks, then definitely read this article till the end. Because in this article we have told everything about this truck.  

What Is a Squatted Truck?

Let us tell you that a squatted truck is a truck whose front part is raised upwards, while the rear part either remains the same or sometimes is inclined downwards. The result is that the front of this truck is much higher than the rear. Some people also know it as “Carolina Squat”. While standard trucks are almost completely flat, this truck style will probably make you want to look again after the first look.

What are other names for squatted trucks?

As we know, this truck has many names for the fans to practice. Some people call this the “Carolina Squat”. And some people also refer to the truck or SUV as “California Lean” or “Cali Lean”. Lastly, some people refer to the squat as the “Tennessee Tilt”.

Many brand-new trucks come from the factory in “raked up” condition. This means the bed is slightly higher than the cab. That’s because automakers engineer trucks to carry weight in the bed, which will flatten them.

Also, many truck owners buy “levelling kits”. So this kit lifts the front end a bit to level a truck. You can also lower the bed by a few inches to level them by removing the lift blocks from the rear springs of some trucks.

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Where did squatting trucks start?

squatting trucks

I first saw the squatted truck around 2016 in inland California. By then, they had become really popular in many places across the country. And it’s also being told by many people that squatting trucks originated in California.

Why California? Californians as we know them are a part of a desert racing truck culture. The Baja trucks and pre-runners sit higher in the front than in the back to better land jumps when running over dunes.

Also, according to some reports, desert racing fans have started ordering longer lift kits for the front than the rear of their on-road trucks. And it was a way to get the “leaning” look of those desert racers.

Today, squatting trucks are especially popular in California, the southern East Coast, and North and South Dakota. And the average age of many squatted truck owners is downright low. who also makes squatted truck videos on TikTok

Also, let us tell you that in today’s time, every generation finds new ways to customize their vehicles. These new trends help a generation to differentiate itself from the previous generation. Squatting trucks may have arisen in several places at once as Gen Z discovered unique ways to customize their pickup trucks.

Who Invented These Modified Trucks?

Let us tell you that Sitting on the Truck was first released in California’s Baja Racing Circuit. The drivers raised the front of their vehicles to help them get off the ground. Otherwise, the nose first meant that they were less likely to experience a nose bump during landing. This can cause serious damage to the vehicle and the driver.

Then drivers noticed the unique appearance of the vehicles and they started appearing in passenger trucks. The trend quickly spread on social media and since then parked vehicles have started popping up across the country. And you can also see the picture of that vehicle above

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What Is the Purpose of Squatting a Truck?

squatted truck

The pickup truck standing up serves no purpose other than aesthetics. And turning this truck into a squatting truck reduces its towing capacity, kills fuel efficiency and greatly reduces the driver’s ability to see around. However, you also need to pay more attention to your vehicle while travelling on the highway.

Why Do People Drive Squatted Trucks?

Let us tell you that driving a standing truck is not a big deal but many drivers see their vehicles as works of art and express themselves by working on them and modifying them. Plus it looks completely different than all the other trucks rolling off the assembly line. The tilt truck stands out from all the other trucks on the road. And these trucks are less safe and less capable, so there are other reasons why drivers do standing tricks.

Are Making Modified Trucks Illegal?

As we know, like many highway laws, squatted truck laws vary from state to state and state laws can’t often be changed but you change the size and style of your truck definitely can.

and It is important to note that currently, Virginia and North Carolina are the only states where it is completely illegal to drive a squatted truck. However, South Carolina is actively taking steps towards banning squatted vehicles. But drivers can face a fine of $100 for their first offence, and more than $300 for repeat violations. Also, if a driver experiences multiple violations his or her license can be suspended. That’s why you drive such trucks very carefully. Otherwise, you may also have to pay this fine.

How Much Does It Cost to Squat a Truck?

If you are looking to modify a truck, we tell you, it can cost anywhere from $300 to $10,000+. This total cost will largely depend on your vehicle, and how much you want to lift it, and it’s important to keep in mind how much work you’ll be doing yourself. If you can’t do the work yourself, you may also have to pay for parts and labour separately.

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Squatted Truck Review


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