Top 3 Cheapest BMW Pickup Trucks for The USA [New Update]

Hello friends, today we are going to tell about the BMW pickup truck in this article. Let us tell you that BMW was not a pickup truck concept. However, please keep in mind that the automotive industry is constantly evolving, and new concepts or models may appear since then. And now that you don’t need to be told that BMW will never release a pickup, the BMW Pickup Truck is pretty fast too. is becoming popular.

If you want to know everything about BMW Pickup Truck then read this article till the end. Because in this article, we have told everything about the 4 pickup trucks of BMW. Like release date, price, top speed, and many more.

BMW M4 Pickup Truck

BMW Pickup Truck
Trim BMW M4
Model 2022
Fuel type Gasoline 
Engine 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 engine 
Transmission 8-Speed automatic Transmission 
Max Power 503 hp 
0-604 second 
Top speed 155 MPH 
Mileage (full tank)8-Speed Automatic Transmission 
City/Highway MPG 16/23 MPG 
Fuel Tank Capacity15.6 gallons
Towing capacity750 kg
Release Date 2022
PriceStart from $81,935

Let us tell you that there is no official production model of the BMW M4 pickup truck. The BMW M4 is a high-performance sports coupe developed by the M division of BMW, known for its powerful engine, dynamic handling, and aggressive styling. While there are some concept vehicles and unique custom builds that combine the performance of the M4 with the pickup truck body style,

The BMW 4 is usually equipped with a powerful turbocharged inline-six engine that delivers impressive horsepower and torque, ensuring fast acceleration and an exciting driving experience. As part of BMW’s M Performance lineup, the M4 is engineered for top performance. It often includes advanced technologies such as M-specific suspension systems, aerodynamics, and brake components to enhance its driving dynamics.

The BMW M4 pickup truck comes with a turbocharged inline-six-cylinder engine generating a horsepower output of approximately 503 horsepower. Its 0-60 mph acceleration typically ranges from about 4 seconds to less than 4 seconds, depending on model and specifications, and its top speed is typically electronically limited to about 155 mph with the optional Performance Package miles per hour or more.

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BMW XM Pickup Truck Concept

BMW Pickup Truck
Trim BMW XM 
Model 2023
Fuel type Gasoline 
Engine 4.4 L V-8
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic 
Max Power 644 hp 
0-604.1 second 
Top speed 155 MPH 
Mileage (full tank)30 miles per charge 
Battery capacity 25.7 kWh 
City/Highway MPG 12/17 MPG 
Towing capacity2700 kg
Release Date February 2023
PriceStart from $159,000

There is no confirmed information available regarding the BMW XM Pickup Truck Concept, but we can speculate and give some information about it. There’s already a lot of buzz about it, the boxy exterior look of the XM at BMW managed to garner a lot of attention among digital artists. And the company is trying to improve it a bit, you would know that the X-Class was unveiled in 2017 and went into production three years later.

The BMW XM is powered by a 4.4-litre twin-turbo V-8 engine that produces a total of 644 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 60 mph typically around 4.1, and its top speed is limited to 155 mph or more, depending on model and specifications.

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BMW X7 Pickup Truck Concept 

BMW Pickup Truck
Trim X7
Model 2023
Fuel type Gasoline 
Engine 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder
Transmission Automatic 
Max Power 375 hp 
Top speed 130 MPH 
Mileage (full tank)Up to 500 miles
City/Highway MPG 21/25 MPG 
Fuel Tank Capacity21.9 gallons
Towing capacity3500 kg
Release Date 2023
PriceStart from $77,850

As we know that the BMW X7 pickup truck was not a concept. but please keep in mind that the automotive industry is constantly evolving, and new concepts or models may appear since then. And now that you don’t need to be told that BMW will never release an X7 pickup, Toyota used the Tacoma as a blank canvas to create the X7 pickup.

Moving forward with the 2023 X7, BMW is preparing for its release. Its first cars will begin arriving at dealerships nationwide this autumn in two configurations, the M60i and xDrive40i. It’s accompanied by a 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder engine, which produces 375 hp and 383 lb-ft. The X7 pickup truck can accelerate to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds and hit a top speed of 180 mph.

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Is BMW Making a Pickup Truck?

Yes, but it is also that BMW does not want its vehicles to follow the trend. And don’t expect to see any pickups from BMW anytime soon. Because the automaker’s design boss Adriaan van Hooydonk has been clear that no truck is on the horizon. Especially since “it’s clearly not a good fit for the BMW brand.

How much does a BMW pickup truck cost?

Talking about the price of the BMW Pickup Truck, the price of the new BMW Pickup Truck will be more than $60,000 And the price of the X7 Pickup Truck is around $77,850.

Which is the best BMW pickup truck?

BMW’s best pick-up truck is the X7, and BMW recently unveiled its first pick-up truck, the X7 Concept. It will accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just 4.3 seconds and hit a top speed of 130 MPH.

How long does a BMW truck last?

You can expect BMW trucks to last 200,000 to 250,000 miles or even longer! Its maintenance and care are major factors that determine a truck’s long-term longevity, but as the above studies show, you can expect every BMW truck to deliver above-average results.


Friends, in this article, we have given complete information about BMW Pickup Truck. Like, release date, price, top speed, and many more that you need to know.

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