2025 Ford Escape: Release Date, Price & Redesign [Update]

The new 2025 Ford Escape is a compact crossover SUV manufactured by the American automaker Ford. The combination of practicality, versatility, and technology will make this SUV a popular choice in the market. The Ford Escape has gone through several generations since its launch and has evolved in terms of design, features, and technology. It will usually offer a variety of engine options. Which will include a turbocharged four-cylinder engine for better fuel efficiency and performance. The Nextel Escape will often come with various advanced driver assistance technologies such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking.

The Next Ford Escape’s interior generally offers comfortable seating for passengers and a good amount of cargo space, making it suitable for both daily commuting and road trips. Availability of features such as infotainment system, touchscreen display, smartphone integration and other technological advancements may vary depending on the model year. Its design has evolved from its earlier boxy appearance to a more modern and sleek profile in subsequent generations. Its exterior design often includes a distinctive front grille, well-defined lines, and attractive lighting elements. The overall design can provide a balance between style and functionality

If you want to know everything about the 2025 Ford Escape, then make sure to read this article till the end. Because in this article, we have brought down the new Ford Escape of release date, price, trim, features, safety and many more that you need to know.

2025 Ford Escape Redesign

2025 Ford Escape

As we know that Ford Escape was first introduced by Ford Motors in 2001 as a compact crossover SUV. It was designed in collaboration with Mazda and was also sold as the Mazda Tribute. The Ford Escape has gone through several generations since its introduction and has evolved in terms of design, features, and technology, and the fourth generation of the Ford Escape has been introduced for the 2020 model year. This included a completely new design with a more car-like and attractive appearance. The V6 engine option was discontinued in this generation, instead focusing on turbocharged four-cylinder engines and hybrid powertrains. The 2020 Escape also offered various advanced driver assistance features.

The currently available fourth-generation model has been refreshed with new front and rear styling designs for the 2023 model year, and includes the new Sync 4 infotainment system with larger touchscreen options, though more are expected for the 2024 model year.  

And now the company is about to introduce the next Ford Escape as a 2025 model year. But at the moment we cannot give any specific information about its redesign. Because the company hasn’t said anything about whether the next Ford Escape will be refreshed for the 2025 model year, we can’t expect the 2025 model to be completely refreshed. However, according to some information, minor changes can be expected in it.

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2025 Ford Escape Release Date

As far as the release date of the Next Ford Escape is concerned, Ford Motors has not revealed any specific details about the release date. However, some reports suggest that the next Ford Escape will go into production in late 2024. And if there will be any disclosure about its release date from the company then we will update here.

2025 Ford Escape Price & Trims

Ford Motors have yet to confirm pricing for the next Ford Escape, and it could be revised slightly for the 2025 model year. So we can expect it to be priced slightly higher than the 2024 model year price, but the trims will be the same.

The 2024 model year is offered in a total of 7 trims – Base, Active, ST-Line, ST-Line Select, ST-Line Elite, Platinum, and Plug-in Hybrid. Prices for all these trims range from $29,500 to $40,500. The 2025 model year could be priced slightly higher. That’s why we have come up with the price as per our expectations. As you can see in the below table.

Trims Price 
Advice $31,000
ST-Line $32,500
ST-Line Select $36,000
ST-Line Elite $40,500
Platinum $40,000
Plug-in-Hybrid $50,000

2025 Ford Escape Features

The Ford Escape is often equipped with a range of features that enhance the driving experience and keep you connected on the road, and here are some of the common connectivity features we expect you might find in the next 2025 Ford Escape

  • Infotainment system
  • A touchscreen infotainment system
  • Digital instrument cluster
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Voice command
  • Onboard Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • 5G connection
  • Navigation
  • Remote access
  • Wireless charging
  • USB port and charging
  • Remote Start & Keyless Entry
  • Driver Assistance & Safety Alerts

2025 Ford Escape Safety Features

As you may know, Ford releases each of its models with a number of safety features designed to enhance driver and passenger safety. So we can expect the Ford Escape to include better safety features than the outgoing model.

  • Advanced Airbag System
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Traction control
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane-keeping assist
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Automatic high beam
  • 360-Degree Camera System
  • Electronic stability control
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Automatic emergency braking

2025 Ford Escape Interior

2025 Ford Escape

The interior of all Ford Escape models is generally designed with a combination of comfort, functionality and modern aesthetics. Depending on the trim level, you can expect to find a mix of quality materials, soft-touch surfaces, and attractive textures. Design can range from simple and functional to more sophisticated and advanced, with higher trim levels often featuring advanced materials and finishes.

The Next 2025 Ford Escape will generally offer comfortable seating arrangements for both the driver and the passengers. The number of seats can vary from five-passenger configurations to higher-trim models with more advanced seating options. Supportive seats, adjustable features, and ample legroom will be common features in the Escape’s interior, and the centre of attention in the Next Escape’s interior will be its infotainment system. Depending on the model year and trim level, you may find a touchscreen display prominently positioned on the dashboard. This system will typically control a variety of functions including navigation, media playback, smartphone integration (such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and vehicle settings.

And it will go on to offer practical storage solutions. The centre console, door pockets, and glove compartment will usually provide space to store smaller items. And the rear seats are often fold-down to expand the cargo area, allowing you to transport larger items. Most Escape models come equipped with climate control features that allow you to set and maintain a desired cabin temperature. Depending on the trim level, the system may offer dual-zone climate control with separate temperature settings for the driver and front passenger.

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2025 Ford Escape Specs 

Brand Ford 
Model year 2025
Body Type SUV
Door4 – door
Seating Capacity 5 – passenger
Fuel Type N/A
Engine TypeN/A
0-60 MPH TimeN/A 
Top SpeedN/A 
Mileage (Full Tank Range) N/A 
Fuel Tank Capacity N/A
Fuel  Economy (City/Highway/Combined)N/A
Official websitewww.ford.com   

2025 Ford Escape Dimensions

Length N/A
Width N/A 
Height N/A 
Wheelbase N/A
Curb Weight N/A 

2025 Ford Escape Interior Dimensions

Head-Room  (Front/Second)N/A 
Leg-Room  (Front/Second) N/A 
Shoulder Room (Front/Second) N/A 
Hip Room (Front/Second) N/A 
Passenger VolumeN/A 
Cargo Volume N/A 


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