The Volkswagen ID.4 AWD is optional, though, and opting for it brings a second motor up front.

Starting price for the Volkswagen ID.4 electric car is $42,525.

With this single rear-mounted motor, the ID.4 makes 201 horsepower.

The ID.4 dual-motor, all-wheel-drive model pumps out 295. Towing capacity is 2700 lbs.

The rear-wheel-drive ID.4 isn't slow by traditional compact-crossover standards. 

The ID.4's 77.0-kWh battery pack is capable of giving the SUV a range of 280 miles between charges.

The Volkswagen ID.4 car shows a 7.6-second run to 60 mph.

This fast electric vehicle lags far behind its competitors.

Its battery can be charged at home on either a 110- or 240-volt connection.

The interior of the Volkswagen ID.4 is quiet and comfortable during cruising.