Toyota is set to re-enter the EV segment with the 2023 bZ4X crossover.

Unlike the RAV4 EV - the bZ4X is sold at Toyota dealerships nationwide.

The bZ4X joins a growing group of non-luxury EV SUVs.

The price of this electric car from Toyota starts from $43,335.

It boasts attractive styling that sets it apart from Toyota's gasoline-powered SUVs.

It is offered in both front- and all-wheel-drive models.

The bZ4X was previously touted to drive up to 252 miles per charge.

A front-wheel-drive, single-motor setup is standard and delivers 201 hp.

It packs a 63.4-kWh battery pack in the single-motor variant and a 65.5-kWh pack in the dual-motor model

Toyota claims that it takes less than an hour to add an 80 percent charge.