Recently launched new model electric car of Rimac-Navra

The company launched the Rimac-Navra electric car on 24 August 2021.

The company has given 15+ new features in the Rimac-Navra electric car.

The Rimac Navra electric car offers a range of 340-mile on a single charge

The company has provided AC and DC fast charging facilities in Rimac Navara electric car.

Rimac Navara electric car can be charged in 22 minutes with DC fast charger

The company's Rimac Navara electric car has a 120 kWh battery.

Rimac Navara electric car can be driven at a speed of 258 mph

Rimac Navara electric car to cost around $2.4 million in the USA

In terms of speed, the Rimac Navara is the most luxurious car in the United State