The INDI One can be reserved now, and production is scheduled to begin in mid-2023.

INDI EV has collaborated with several partners in development.

The INDI One electric vehicle is currently planned for two variants.

The INDI One Standard is a rear-wheel-drive car with one engine.

This upcoming electric car from INDI produces 205 kW.

It is expected to reach 96 km/h after 4.25 seconds.

In this version, a 75 kWh battery with a range of 370 km is installed.

It's AWD with a second motor on the front axle producing 349 kW and 730 Nm.

Presumably, this is a specification per the EPA standard, not the WLTP.

The Indi EV has fetched a bid of US$45,000 or around 41,600 Euros.