The 6 Best EV Truck Stocks to Buy Riding in 2023

The 6 Best EV Truck Stocks to Buy Riding in 2023:-This is the year when electric vehicles started gaining momentum. Only then will electric trucks enter the conversation in 2023. So you are a risk-taking investor and have a matching time frame, it is time to start thinking about buying EV Truck stock.

 As indicated by the September PPI and CPI reports, inflation will remain high for some time. This means the Federal Reserve will continue its aggressive interest rate hike program.

This will make it challenging for consumers to finance a new car – even with the discounts offered on all EV purchases. It is also problematic for any EV manufacturer that will have to incur capital expenditures as the cost of capital increases.

But much of the EV movement is still being led by early adopters. At the same time, the cost of an EV should not be an option for many people. And that means it’s several years away from mass adoption, should investors see an opportunity to profit from EV truck stock in 2023. Here Are 6 Stocks You Might Be Perusing

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Leading this list of the best charging EV truck stocks for 2023 is General Motors. Overall, the company is already moving towards a fully electrified fleet with its Chevrolet Bolt EV and electric SUVs. In its most recent quarter, GM announced that it sold 14,709 vehicles. This should support the company’s plan to produce 70,000 vehicles in 2023.

In 2023, General Motors plans to launch an electric version of its much-loved Chevy Silverado. The company also announced that the soon-to-be Silverado will be built on GM’s Altrium platform and can charge up to 100 miles in 10 minutes using DC public charging. The vehicle already has over 110,000 reservations including over 240 fleet owners.


In 2023, several automakers, including Ford Motors, are grappling with supply chain difficulties stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this the company’s share price is still down 43 percent.

However, Ford is betting big on electric vehicles. Which, in fact, is going to invest $50 billion in EVs by 2026. In the same year, Ford is also hoping to make two million EVs. To meet its goals, Ford is building an EV manufacturing complex in Tennessee for $5.6 billion. what you can see soon

With Ford banking on the launch of the F-150 Lightning, Ford has several EVs in production. And after that in 2023, the company will launch an electric Ford Ranger. The truck had about 200,000 reservations to start turning those fortunes around.


Not long ago, Toyota Motors made a lukewarm statement about the role of battery-powered EVs in tackling carbon neutrality. The company that made the hybrid vehicle the way to go and you can’t blame them. The company’s hybrid Prius model has achieved coveted status and is one of the company’s most popular offerings.

Toyota plans to invest about $35 billion in its EV production. In which the company has forecast global sales of 3.5 million EVs by the end of 2030. Part of that strategy includes the launch of the Tacoma EV next year.

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I’ll admit to not paying much attention to Tesla lately because the stock has been volatile for reasons that have nothing to do with how many EVs the company delivers in a quarter.

Those issues still exist. What will happen to Tesla’s stock price Elon Musk is currently raising a huge amount of capital to buy Twitter.

But Tesla has now made believers among many of its most ardent opponents. Which saw the company increase its overall EV production by 25% year-over-year while its global deliveries increased by 27%.

Even though the company’s futuristic Cybertruck hasn’t launched yet, there’s little doubt it will. Joe Tesla plans to launch Cybertruck in mid-2023. Although Kathy Wood believes this may be another example of how Tesla solves our nation’s economic problems. And after the arrival of Tesla, a new car was seen in the world for the first time.


The analyst community likes Rivian Joe (NASDAQ: RIVN) more than me. But we can both agree that RIVN stock has great potential. So part of that potential is the first mover advantage.

My primary issue is that the company’s two EV trucks cost $73,000 to $78,000. I wrote in the intro that many consumers of these vehicles will be early adopters for whom this price may not be a deterrent. With only 5% of all vehicles falling in the EV category, relying on these customers may become more demanding as more competitors enter the segment.

However, a very strong argument is that the company has two partnerships.


Canu (NASDAQ: GOEV) came to market through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (or SPAC). Which was part of the EV bubble at the start of GOEV stock. The bubble that had been blowing for a long time is now trading in GOEV penny stock territory. company

However, a bullish case remains for the stock, and that’s why I’ve included the stock in this list of EV truck stocks that are worth considering for 2023. Overall, the company has a unique, proprietary platform that allows for modular vehicle design, including haul trucks. and is the last mile delivery vehicle of single chassis with low production cost.

Most importantly, the company has signed two binding agreements with Walmart and Ziba for investors. Which will bring revenue to the door, as burning cash is still one of the major concerns about the company’s viability.

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