The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

One of the biggest changes you’ll need to make when owning an electric vehicle is figuring out where you want to charge it, with network-specific charging apps like ChargePoint and Electrify America, and apps like Plug Share letting you know every charger available in your area. show.

But which app is best to have on your phone? We will talk about the top 5 best EV charging apps on iOS and Android App Store in this article.


The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

EVgo is a charging network that continues to grow in the United States and we included its app, one of the best UI designs of any app on this list, it instructs you to pair your electric vehicle upon signup and automatically adjusts the charging filter.

Keep in mind that depending on your location, your home may not be near multiple EVgo chargers. But this is a con of the network itself rather than the mobile app. And it’s worth considering regardless.

An interesting aspect of the EVgo app is its reservation feature. EVgo allows members to reserve a charger at their destination up to 20 minutes prior to arrival to make sure a charger is available. This feature is only available on some chargers, and you’ll need to pay $3 in advance to reserve some.

The app looks good but lacks some basic features like; Adding routes and bookmarking your favorite chargers EVgo says it has “over 850 convenient and reliable fast-charging stations” in the United States, but it’s not enough to have a reliable EV charging network for everyone.

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Plug share

The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

Plug Share is one of the most prominent apps on the App Store for finding EV chargers. It helps you locate a wide range of vehicle chargers from multiple networks, including big names like Electrify America, Tesla Superchargers, ChargePoint, and many more.

When you first sign up for a Plug Share account, it instructs you to add which EV you have. This is an excellent feature as it will automatically filter the charger that works with your EV without you having to do anything. Filters work well too, giving you options to narrow your search to a specific charging speed.

PlugShare lets you add multiple trips to your profile to show what chargers are available on your way to work, a friend’s house, or on your upcoming road trip. It’s also a great feature for future EV owners to see if it’s viable for them to charge an all-electric vehicle on their work route.

PlugShare is a great app for finding every EV charger available on your route. However, it could benefit from a nice-looking UI, animations, and a quick-start guide to help new users navigate the app with ease.


The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

ChargeHub has a great user interface and helps you locate all the major EV charging networks in your area. When you first open the app, it greets you with a map view of all the available chargers near you with four tabs at the bottom of the screen: Maps, Trips, Community, and Profile. This clean user interface helps new users to navigate the app with ease.

The Trips section is easy to use, allowing you to add chargers to your route and use the ChargeHub app for navigation. The app has a fair share of filters that you can use without looking overwhelming, including important ones like connector type, minimum kW, price, and network.

The Profile section is also pretty straightforward, allowing you to add your EV make and model, view your favorite chargers, saved trips, and more. ChargeHub also includes a charging guide for new EV owners to better understand the different types of chargers and connectors. Pros and cons of different networks, and more. This is a great sign of an app that thinks of its users first. The community section is attractive; It shows the latest activity from users around the world who use the app, when they checked in, the chargers they reviewed, and more.

However, even with location services turned on, ChargeHub still wants to show users in Maine, Ontario, Canada, California, and other distant locations. Several apps attempt a similar way of connecting EV owners, but we believe there must be a better way to do this.

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Electrify America 

The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

Electrify America has been rapidly expanding its electric vehicle charging network over the years. He is aiming to build 1,700 fast-charging stations in the United States by 2025.

Electrify America has 670 charging stations spread across the country and is prioritizing clean energy, building the fastest charger it can think of as the first electric vehicle owners can think of.

The app has been greatly improved, it has many large UI elements, clean animations, and easy-to-use, essential filters. Like other best charging apps, it directs you to pair your electric vehicle when you sign up and automatically adjusts which plugs it supports. You can easily change the output of your charger up to 350kW. Can filter by the currently available charger.

In this app, you’ll find a section to link your electrified home station and the built-in map will also show how many chargers are available and their cost per kWh or minute.

An electric vehicle charging app is only as good as the network, Electrify America is rapidly building out its fast-charging network, so if you have several of them, you won’t be disappointed with this app.

Charge way

The 5 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2023

Charge way is a simple yet great app to use primarily as a trip planner and whether you’re on your commute or on a road trip of several hundred miles, you need a way to figure out what’s on your route. Where are the working chargers? If you have enough range to reach them then that’s where Chargeway comes in.

Connect your EV to find a suitable charger. The app will only show you chargers that work with your car and it allows you to find other charging stations as you wish. The best part of the Trip Planner app is that you can set the current location, destination, and current battery percentage of your vehicle.

We found that it shows fewer EV charging stations than other apps and even with the same EV it can be a good sign that Chargeway is keeping it safe and only displays chargers that fit your specific EV. work with.

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Where can I find the Charging Station App?

ChargeHub Another free app and website worth noting are ChargeHub US. which lists all charging stations in Canada with advanced search features, filter options, and customizable notifications to be alerted when a new public charging station opens in your area.

How does the Electric Vehicle Charging App work?

An electric vehicle charging app enables EV drivers to seamlessly control and manage all of their EV charging tasks, including finding and filtering the nearest charger locations, route planning, and navigation, and initiating charging sessions.

Can EV Charging Stations Make Money?

Providing EV charging is a great business opportunity and charging not only attracts customers to your store but can also increase the time and money customers spend in the store as they wait for their vehicles to be charged. We do.

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