Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022: Price, Specs, and Design

Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022

Tesla has revolutionized the global electric mobility movement with its quirky and efficient vehicles. In November 2017, Tesla co-founder and CEO Musk announced plans to enter the commercial transportation industry with the Tesla Semi electric truck. Tesla will finally launch in the U.S. on December 1, 2022, after several hiccups and delays. I have started the delivery of semis.

The Tesla Semi is not a truck; It is a zero-emission freight-hauling cargo machine that beats conventional oil miners on all fronts such as range, economy, operating cost, and performance. Today we will discuss Tesla Semi Electric in this article.

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Tesla Semi Price

There is currently no price listed on the Tesla website for the Tesla Semi. However, prices for the Semi, when first announced in 2017, were $150,000 for the standard-range version of the Tesla Semi and $180,000 for the long-range version.

While many of these versions cost $20,000 to reserve, the Founders Series Tesla Semi will cost $200,000 and require up to $200,000 to reserve.

Tesla Semi Design

Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022
Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022

There is a unique cab construction for the Semi. Arguably the cleanest design we’ve seen on a truck. It appears as if it is from the future. It has a huge wraparound glass area at the front that slopes down to the frunk, and the glass area is so large that the panels extend to the doors. Tesla dropped the door mirrors on the Semi for aerodynamic advantage. Instead, its cameras positioned at the extreme rear send a feed to the internal screen.

Diesel trucks usually have huge grilles to maximize airflow for high cubic capacity engines. The Tesla Semi, being an electric vehicle, has its nose recessed, while its chin houses a relatively small air intake to cool the battery, which sits between the front and rear axles, and It has a single axle at the front and twin axles at the rear, making for a 6×4 tractor layout.

Tesla Semi Specs

The Tesla Semi Electric has a day cab that typically allows for a smaller and lighter body than a sleeper cab, thereby reducing energy consumption. Tesla has launched the Semi with a tri-motor powertrain, and a quad-motor powertrain option is likely to be available later.

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performance and capabilities

The Tesla Semi Electric uses the Tri-Motor powertrain of the Model S Plaid and Model X Plaid. The powertrain consists of a highway drive unit mounted on one axle and two acceleration drive units mounted on the other axle. With the Highway Drive Unit engaged constantly, and the Acceleration Drive Unit only engaged when needed, the Tri-Motor Semi consumes less than 2 kWh per mile when it comes to efficiency. That’s when it’s fully loaded at 82,000 pounds

A Tesla Semi quad-motor with 80,000 lbs. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph also takes 20 seconds, and without payload, the semi-quad-motor can accelerate like a mid-range sports car with a 0-60 mph time of about 5 seconds. And according to the brand’s presentation, a regular diesel truck takes 15 seconds. In addition, the Tesla Semi quad-motor can drive up to 60 mph on a 5% gradient.

500 mile range

For truckers, range will be a primary concern. However, Tesla has comprehensively addressed the range concern. There are versions of the Semi, the first offering 300 miles of range and the second offering 500 miles. Tesla is shipping the 500-mile semi first.

The claimed figure seems more than adequate considering US regulations for truckers. In the USA, truckers are legally required to take a 30-minute break after 8 hours of driving, according to the USA Department of Transportation, and according to Tesla, about 400 miles are typically covered by truckers in 8 hours.

Tesla Semi Interior & Features

Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022
Tesla Semi Truck Release Date 2022

On the inside, the driver’s seat is centrally located, and Tesla says it allows for better overall visibility beyond the windshield and features a red seatbelt. The semi has two additional foldable seats behind the driver’s seat. It has two giant touchscreens at either end of its dashboard, and expect these two screens to feature Tesla’s sleek UI and the usual suite of connectivity offered in its road cars, in addition to truck-specific features that display trailer data and much more. Some are shown.

Owners can remotely access diagnostics, and location tracking communications thanks to the Tesla Mobile app, which features a full suite of remotely controlled features, and Dispatch. Predictive maintenance is the feature where the system analyzes the health of the truck and alerts the owner when it is time for service, and fleet owners can access this comprehensive data seamlessly.

Tesla Semi Safety

Talking about the convenience of the Tesla Semi electric truck, another area where the Tesla Semi breaks significant ground is safety. The Semi was prepared to feature the brand’s ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ suite as standard. If it really happened. The range of safety features also includes automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, and automatic lane-keeping assist. If the Tesla Semi senses no driver input, stays in its lane, slows to a stop slowly and gently, and automatically dials an emergency number.

There is an advanced traction control system on the Tesla Semi Electric to prevent jackknifing, and jackknifing refers to the abnormal folding of highly articulated vehicles such as trailers due to uncontrolled inertia. This happens when heavy trailers cause the truck to take turns at odd angles, which often leads to accidents. Tesla’s engineers have also incorporated an advanced traction control system where jackknifing can be avoided altogether.

automatic tire inflation system

According to a report by Electrek, Tesla may introduce the Semi Electric with an automatic tire inflation system, and the company has received a USPTO grant for a patent for this technology, which can automatically modify tire pressure. can keep it at the optimum level. In this, Furtado worked on the Semi’s brake control, brakes, pneumatics, tires, wheel ends, and wheels.

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What year is the tesla semi truck coming out?

The big reveal comes months after Elon Musk tweeted that production had begun on the long-delayed Tesla Semi, with the first deliveries set to begin in December 2022. Musk originally introduced an electric Class 8 truck prototype in 2017 and plans to start production in December.

How much is a tesla semi truck?

latest updates. In 2017, Tesla said the 300-mile range version of the Semi would cost $150,000 and the 500-mile version $180,000, but Tesla’s passenger EV prices have risen sharply since then, and Tesla President Robin Denholm recently Only recently said the automaker could produce 100 Tesla Semis this year.

When will the Tesla Semi be released?

The Tesla Semi was announced in 2017 with a launch date of 2020. But in the company’s second quarter 2021 earnings report, the company announced that it “to better focus on these factories, and release production in December 2022 due to limited battery cell availability and global supply chain challenges.”

Can you get a Tesla Semi?

In October 2021, Musk announced that production of the Tesla Semi would not begin in 2021 and could be pushed to 2023.

Is there a sleeper in the Tesla Semi?

Alas, the video and pictures fail to show the sleeper cab portion of the vehicle. However, there is enough space behind the cockpit to accommodate sleeping accommodations.

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