New 2024 Apple Electric Car: Release date, Price, Range & Interior

New 2024 Apple electric car It is becoming increasingly plausible that an Apple electric automobile will go into production in 2024 or shortly thereafter and it would be an iPhone moment for the electric car business, especially in the USA. Increasing sales of electric vehicles will increase the demand for batteries and electric vehicle metals.

With over 1 billion active iPhones and 1.65 billion Apple products in use worldwide, Apple has a highly devoted fanbase and owns 194 million iPhones, 71 million iPads, 20 million Macs, MacBooks, 110 million AirPods, and 43 million Apple Watches. In addition, Apple sold 194 million iPhones in 2020, and more than 40 million people subscribed to Apple TV+, compared to Apple’s 72 million.

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2024 Apple Electric Car Release date 

Apple said the new operating system will be available starting September 12, days before the release of the new Apple electric car on September 16. While the Apple electric car will arrive in September 2024, Apple will sell 16.5 million electric vehicles annually, or about 20 percent of the roughly 80 million automobiles. % sold worldwide every year, if only 1% of their products, or 1.65 billion Apple devices worldwide, are used to buy Apple Electric Vehicles.

In a different light, Apple would sell 19.4 million automobiles annually if it only sold 10% of the cars it sold as iPhones, and producing that many new EVs every year would be a huge difficulty and would need to be built over the coming decade, like Tesla doing today, so obviously, these are some “aspirational benchmarks” to measure potential demand Apple Automobile

Apple electric car price in the USA 

New 2024 Apple Electric Car

Apple car prices in the USA are north of $100,000 using premium titanium material in their designs and the Apple car initiative can be called Project Titan as the team from Cupertino has decided to use a lot of premium titanium material in the design of the car. is planned.

Apple’s electric car range

Not much can be said about the range only. Between batteries and regenerative braking technology, most new EVs are capable of at least 250 miles of range, but some exceed 400 miles, and even fewer, like the Aptera, claim up to 1,000 miles of range.

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Apple electric car 2024 project

The Apple Car project often referred to as “Titan”, is an EV initiative on which Apple Inc. Apple is said to have 5,000 employees working on the project as of 2018, however, Apple has yet to publicly address any issues with its self-driving research. A self-driving staff shuttle van based on the T6 Transporter commercial vehicle chassis was reportedly manufactured by Apple and Volkswagen in May 2018.

According to a BBC story from August 2018, Apple has 66 autonomous vehicles registered for the road and 111 drivers who were authorized to drive them. In lieu of actual Apple-branded automobiles, it is said that Apple is still working on self-driving-related hardware, software, and services as possible products in 2020. According to a December 2020 story by Reuters, Apple was considering a 2024 debut. But analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that won’t happen until 2025 and may not happen until 2028 or later.

Apple electric car interior

If the Apple Car doesn’t have a steering wheel, that must mean you don’t need to see the road. And so how would you spend your time in such a vehicle?

According to Mark Gurman at Bloomberg, Apple has played with the idea of ​​a car where passengers face each other, often similar to the setup in EV startup Cano’s lifestyle vehicle.

In that car’s iteration of this setup, it’s the passengers riding in such luxury and it’s known that electric vehicles are roomier than other vehicles, and when you consider the “driver” an even more comfortable picture is painted and there is no need to be driving or monitoring the road the whole time, so the front seats can move around easily. You can spread your legs and face them all at once, no rearview mirror is needed. and Apple was granted a patent in January 2022 for a vehicle seat with a reclining mechanism.

It is expected to see a large display between the two front seats of a new car to help with navigation, music playback, vehicle controls, etc. As you might have guessed, one rumor is that the display in this car will be like an iPad.

It may be an iPad in all respects but not the name. It’ll likely run a modified version of iPadOS with Apple Maps, Apple Music, Siri, etc., and it’ll work familiarly but have vehicle-specific toggles.

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