How to Find the Best EV Charging Station in USA

How to Find the Best EV Charging Station in USA

Charging an electric car has become many times more convenient than it was in the past, but before you buy an electric car it is most important to have a plan for how to charge your EV. This is because various automakers may offer incentives for setting up home charging stations or joining a charging network. But here are some information to help you choose the best EV charging station for you. Which can help you a lot in choosing a good EV charger.


Talking about EV charging station prices, the type of charging station you want to set up depends on your budget, the same price varies from region to region and even from region to region. You’ll have to pay more for DC fast charging than you would typically get for 120-volt to 240-volt charging. But the same few automakers have partnerships with charging networks that can easily save you some money. For example, Ford owners get access to the BlueOwl Charge network, which comes with a discounted subscription to the Electrify America network. Which we can easily contact, after which we can do our startup easily.

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There are three main types of connectors used in EV chargers for electric cars: SAE J1772 (found on Teslas), CHAdeMO (found on Nissan LEAFs and Toyota Prius), and Combined Charging System, or CCS. Some charging stations only support certain types of connectors, as they will require planning ahead and making sure you get the charger you need that will ease your problems.

It is also very important for us to carry a suitable charging cable with us. Or you may in the future use a 40-amp, 25-foot cable to connect to your Juicebox home charger, but you may have a shorter cable to use at public charging stations. You don’t want to overdo it over the length of the cable or you may have a lot of trouble fitting it back into your trunk.


First of all, while choosing a charging network, it is very important to pay attention to some important things that how many free spaces you will have. You don’t want to sign up for a monthly subscription only to find out that there are only a few charging stations in your area. Seeing which you can also install a good charging station. more

The best news at the moment is that most networks will let you “roam” and use your membership card on partner networks, which is what you use when you go on a road trip. Still, the wider the network, the better, so you don’t have to download multiple apps or keep track of multiple subscriptions. And you can easily start a good EV charging station. If you liked the given information, then definitely share it, thank you. 

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How do I choose a charging station?

First, you’ll need to choose a charger with an amperage, or slightly higher current, level that will be able to keep your car running smoothly with the available power capacity of your home. The National Electrical Code requires an electrical circuit to be rated for 25% more amperage than the output of your charger. Which can increase your expenses.

Is there an app to find electric car charging stations?

PlugShare is a free app to find charging stations and leave a review. With over 300,000 active users, PlugShare is one of the most popular EV charging station locator apps and a database with over 140,000 EV charging stations located throughout the US and Canada. You can easily find the charging station.

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