EV vehicles’ advantages and disadvantages in USA 2023

EV vehicles’ advantages and disadvantages in USA 2023:- In this article, we compare the electric car with a vehicle powered by internal combustion. Reporting the strong and weak points of the electric vehicle. In this article, we are going to give you all the information related to the advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles, read it carefully.

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Engine and motor

If you have ever used an electric vehicle before, then tell you that the motors of electric vehicles are very efficient. The best internal combustion engines have an efficiency of between 30 and 40%, while electric motors have an efficiency of between 80 and 95%.

The combustion engine is heavier than an electric motor because the engine needs to convert the linear motion of the piston into circular motion using the crankshaft. It needs a counterweight to maintain balance, and also needs a flywheel to make the engine rotate smoothly and transfer power to the transmission. DC motor is used to turn it.

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Another important component of the combustion engine is the alternator. Pay attention to it.

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It is connected by means of a belt to the axis of the engine, generating an alternating current, the latter being converted to direct current and providing power to recharge the battery.

While the induction motor is electronically managed via an inverter, many components of the combustion engine are dispensed with. This contributes to the quieter electric-powered automobiles.


Combustion vehicles are re-supplied within a few minutes, while electrics can take more than 1 hour. flower charging

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Let us also tell you that keeping in mind the current technology, the combustion vehicle is better at this point.

Energy density

The power density of Li-ion batteries is very low compared to combustion fuels. These pictures evaluate the power densities of several forms of batteries and fuels. Li-ion batteries with cobalt as the cathode have the highest power density among a number of batteries.

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A percentage of the battery in an electric vehicle takes up a lot more space than the fuel tank in a combustion vehicle. The figure below can check the length of the battery in an electric-powered automobile in yellow and the fuel line gasoline in purple. Ethanol automobiles have the same fuel line tank length because of the fuel economy.

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Combustion vehicles have another advantage.

Environmental impact

Let us tell you that the electric car no longer emits, which improves the air in the city centers. However, if the supply of an electric vehicle is generated from fossil gas thermoelectric, this gas turns into a pollutant due to the vehicle. An electric vehicle needs lithium for the battery, this detail can be extracted from mines or brines within the desert. Extraction through brine leads to a reduction in environmental impacts and is far from the maximum production of this metal.

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Electric motor batteries require cobalt, nickel, manganese, and phosphate. While an internal combustion engine requires aluminum, copper, and steel, iron can be made from it. Catalysts for combustion vehicles seek platinum, rhodium, and palladium to clean up toxic gases. All of those factors are extracted from mines and account for the environmental impact of mining.

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A greater variety of electric motors would require more recharge stations and better calls for electric-powered power. Therefore, it is very important that improvements in electric motors move smoothly and collectively with improvements in renewable energy sources.

Electric vehicles can be a smooth technology if the power supply is smooth.

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The range of all-electric vehicles varies with the model as well, however, internal combustion vehicles still have a larger range than electrics. The main factors are the range and energy density of the battery. This graphic is from 2020, but it’s useful to make comparisons.

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If you are still looking for the electric vehicle that gives the most range, then let us tell you that these are the 6 electric cars with the most range in the USA. Follow this link to convert miles to km.

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Although the range of electrics tends to increase, the average of combustion vehicles is still higher.


If you are still thinking of buying an electric vehicle, let us tell you that electric vehicles are still more expensive than combustion-powered vehicles, so a large part of the cost comes from the battery. However, the electric car-renewal price is small, due to the fact that there are few elements and do not want to trade motor oil. The cost per kilometer is also cheaper (depending on location) due to regenerative braking and the rate at which electric power is generated compared to fuel.


The transmission of an electric automobile is simple. The picture below shows that the top-of-the-line band of a standard combustion engine, in which power and torque are high, can be very narrow. Combustion engines need a DC motor to start because the torque is very low at low speeds. This type of engine requires a gearbox to maintain the engine’s operation strength.

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The electric motor can maintain a constant torque at a super wide range of speeds. Therefore there is no need for a transmission area that has high traction control.

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At this point, the electric vehicle has a clear advantage carefully

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