Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across America: Mapped

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Across America

Currently in the US The U.S. has nearly 140,000 public electric vehicles chargers distributed across nearly 53,000 charging stations, which are still far more than the 145,000 gas fueling stations in the country.

This graphic maps electric vehicle charging stations across the United States using data from the National Renewable Energy Lab and the map has interactive features when viewed on a desktop, it also shows pricing structure and connectors when hovering over a charging station with filtering options types shown.

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Which states are leading the way in EV charging infrastructure?

Most EV charging stations in the US are located on the west and east coasts of the nation, while the Midwest strip is largely barren beyond the state of Colorado. And California has the most electric vehicle charging stations at 15,182, an impressive 29% of all US charging stations.


Number of charging station Share of U.S. charging station 
    1 California     15,182    28.7%
    2 New York     3,085    5.8%
    3 Florida     2,858    5.4%
    4 Texas     2,419    4.6%
    5 Massachusetts     2,328    4.4%
    6 Washington   1,810    3.4%
    7 Colorado    1,718    3.2%
    8 Georgia   1,596    3.0%
    9 Maryland   1,358    2.6%
  10 Pennsylvania   1,260    2.4%

It’s no surprise that the four top states by GDP have the largest number of electric vehicle chargers, and California’s powerful lead considering its ambition to completely eliminate sales of new gas vehicles by 2035. Not too surprising.

Best states for EV charging speed and cost

Many of these charging stations distributed across the state are important, as two other factors determine charging convenience; Cost and availability of charger levels.

Electric vehicle charger pricing structures and charger level availability across the country is a wild west with no set rules and few clear expectations.

Finding Free EV Chargers in 4 States

EV charging locations will offer unlimited free charging or a free charging time limit of between 30 minutes and 4 hours before payment is required, and some electric vehicle charging stations located in parking structures only require a parking fee, while others have a per charge fee. Sessions may be a flat charging fee and charged by kWh consumed or maybe 1 hourly rate.

California leads the state in terms of the raw amount of free chargers available and is actually second worst among the top 10 states when it comes to the share of chargers, with only 11% of them on for 30 minutes or more free.


Number of free charging station Share of free charging station in the state 
    1 California     1,717    11.3%
    2 Florida     673     23.6%
    3 New York     662    21.5%
    4 Texas     606    25.1%
    5 Maryland     399    29.4%
    6 Georgia   360    22.6%
    7 Washington     358    19.8%
    8 Pennsylvania     318    25.2%
    9 Colorado     273    15.9%
  10 Massachusetts     150    6.4%

Meanwhile, Maryland leads the state with nearly 30% of chargers offering a minimum of 30 minutes of free charging and Massachusetts, on the other hand, is the tightest state in the top 10, with only 6% of charging stations in the state serving EV drivers. offer free charging for

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States with Best DC Fast Charger Availability

Free electric vehicle chargers are great, having access to a fast charger is just as important and depends on how much you value your time. Most electric vehicle drivers across the US will have access to a Level 2 charger, and Level 2 chargers will be available in more than 86% of charging stations nationwide.

However, Level 2 charging beats the snail’s pace of Level 1 charging amid busy schedules and multiple charging stations, which are only free for the first 30 minutes and DC fast charger availability is almost necessary.

Direct current fast chargers can charge an electric vehicle from empty to 80% in 20 to 60 minutes but are available at only 12% of America’s electric vehicle charging stations today.

Rank  State Number of station with DC fast charger available Share of DC fast charger available station in state Share of free and DC fast charger available station in state 
  1California  1,756 11.6% 0.7%
  2Florida  360 12.6% 1.1%
  3Texas  276 11.4% 1.2%
  4Colorado  243 14.1% 1.1%
  5New York  234 7.6% 0.8%
  6Washington  232 12.8% 1.1%
  7Georgia  228 14.3% 1.4%
  8Maryland  223 16.4% 2.7%
  9Pennsylvania  134 10.6% 1.0%
10Massachusetts  134 5.8% 0.2%

Like free stations, Maryland also leads the top 10 states with the highest share of DC fast chargers at 16%. While Massachusetts was the worst state for DC charger availability at 6%, New York State was the second worst with 8%, despite having many chargers overall. All other states in the top 10 have DC chargers available at least one in 10 charging stations.

As far as the holy grail of EV charging stations is concerned, with free charging and availability of DC fast chargers, the country has about 1% charging stations. If you’re hoping for free and DC fast charging, your chances are around one in 100 in most states.

The future of America’s EV charging infrastructure

The US is working toward Biden’s goal of making half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, and charging infrastructure across the country is essential to improving access and convenience.

The US is working toward Biden’s goal of making half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, and charging infrastructure across the country is essential to improving access and convenience.

Along with this program, a $2.5 billion discretionary grant program is intended to match the Inflation Reduction Act’s $3 billion dedicated to supporting access to electric vehicle charging for economically disadvantaged communities, as well as rural, underserved and overburdened communities. To increase the penetration of electric vehicle charging.

With more than $10 billion being invested in electric vehicle charging infrastructure over the next five years and more than half of that amount focused on communities with low current access, EV charger availability will continue to improve across the US in the coming years.

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