Commercial charging stations for electric cars: Installation, Costs and More

Commercial charging stations for electric cars

Commercial charging stations for electric cars, also known as electric cars charging stations, are publicly accessible locations where electric vehicle owners can charge their cars. These stations typically have multiple charging ports and may offer different levels of charging power (e.g. Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3). Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations use alternating current (AC) power, while Level 3 charging stations use direct current (DC) power, which allows for faster charging times. Many commercial charging stations are operated by third-party companies and may require payment for use, either through a membership program or on a per-user basis. Some cities and businesses also offer free EV charging as a perk or to encourage EV adoption.

We’ve created this guide to the fundamentals of setting up an electric car charging station

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Who can install a Commercial EV charging station?

Since electric-powered cars account for 3% of the automobile market, putting in industrial EV charging stations is attracting many groups that need to boom their asset value, worker pride, and the variety of customers.

Ideal enterprise opportunities include:


Since humans park extra frequently at paintings than everywhere else aside from at domestic, presenting charging stations enables appeals to EV drivers as employees. In fact, in line with a current survey with the aid of using the United States Department of Energy, 80% of employers with EV charging stations say it has helped them appeal to and maintain extra skills. So business EV stations enhance each of the companies` sustainability and their enterprise desires.

enterprise district and buying middle

When Americans aren’t at domestic or at painting, they may be frequently out to store and eat. This consists of EV proprietors, who clearly need to park wherein their vehicles may be charged even as they experience them.

Public parking lots, enterprise districts, buying centers, eating places, and shops can install business EV charging stations to draw such buyers. Customers can stay (and purchase extra) even longer even as looking ahead to their EV to charge!

provider vicinity

Public homes, hospitals, and universities are frequently running in the direction of sustainability desires and might get hold of LEED credit for putting in EV charging stations. These opportunities frequently have a bigger worker body of workers and, as said above, can appeal to extra skills with this green option.

multifamily residing area

Not all EV proprietors stay off their personal domestic – or need to. But an area without an EV station does not meet their charging needs, making them a long way from the best alternatives to stay in.

Apartment homes, condominiums, and different multifamily homes can restore this disadvantage with the aid of using putting in EV charging stations. This now no longer simplest will increase the fee for their property, however additionally draws capable citizens with electric-powered vehicles.

In many regions, new country and metropolis policies are accelerating charging station adoption. For example, the towns of Miami, Seattle, and Chicago now mandate business homes above a sure length to provide EV charging. Installers running in such regions can assume their lead listing to develop even faster.

What kind of EV charging station do my clients need?

Commercial charging stations for electric cars
Commercial charging stations for electric cars

EV charger alternatives range with the aid of using charging speed.

Level 1 Charging

This is what maximum EV proprietors first of all get for their homes. While the most inexpensive choice, it’s also the slowest – vehicles upload the most effective 3 – five miles of the journey according to an hour. This charging time is regularly too sluggish for publicly to-be-had stations. However, a Level I charger can be suitable for a few places of work in which personnel can rate their vehicles for up to eight hours at a time.

Level 2 Charging 

You`re in all likelihood very acquainted with this choice: It’s preferred for business parking spaces. Level II stations rate vehicles 4 – five instances quicker than their Level I counterparts, including 12 – forty miles according to an hour. They use 208/240V and 30 amp power.

Level 3 Charging

Fastest Charging Levels These DC speedy chargers fill batteries speedy: 35 – 100+ miles according to an hour. But they may be additionally the maximum highly-priced choice and are incompatible with a few electric-powered vehicles, so they may be now no longer as famous as Level II chargers. Typically most effective excessive quantity clients which include vehicle dealerships, business charging stations, and relaxation stops could enjoy the brought speed.

EV Charger Incentives And Discounts

Commercial charging stations for electric cars
Commercial charging stations for electric cars

If you or your clients are interested in an EV charging station but have drawbacks on the preliminary fee ($1,000 to $10,000 in keeping with the station), your area`s incentives and rebates can help.

federal tax credit score

Through the quit of 2021, the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Tax Credit (or 2020 30c tax credit score) changed into to be had to offset as much as 30% of the full buy and installment fee of an EV charging station, as much as $30,000. This tax credit score changed into prolonged via 2032 and could cowl as much as $100,000 for industrial institutions after 2022.

State and neighborhood incentives

Currently, forty-five states, Washington D.C., and lots of utilities inspire the set up of EV charging stations with EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) programs. For example, withinside the Greenlancer`s domestic country of Michigan, Consumer Energy’s PowerMiDrive application gives rebates to organizations that defloration publicly available EV charging: as much as $5,000 in keeping with Level 2 charger, and $70,000 in keeping with DC rapid charger. Meanwhile, in California, PG&E manages and covers the charges of constructing the strength infrastructure wished for Level III chargers.

For industrial EV station incentives which can follow you or your prospects, see your country’s interactive map for country and application rules selling electric-powered cars on the National Conference of State Legislatures.

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EV Charging Station Installation Cost

Commercial charging stations for electric cars
Commercial charging stations for electric cars

The common premature fee to put in an unmarried Level II EV charger is approximately $6,000. Multiply this with five, 10, or 20 chargers and an industrial station can fee $30,000 – $120,000.

However, because of the various incentives throughout the country, the belongings proprietor will absolutely now no longer pay the entire fee. Federal EV tax credit formerly offset as much as $30,000 of those charges, and neighborhood incentives decreased that further. With the growth of the opportunity gasoline automobile refueling belongings tax credit score below the Inflation Reduction Act, installations finished after 2022 might also additionally qualify for a credit score of as much as $100,000.

How plenty will your charging station fee be? Like sun installations, its fee relies upon many factors. There are 3 most important capital charges:

Make-equipped infrastructure

The first step in the direction of a brand-new EV station is frequently the costliest. Each web page offers specific demanding situations and calls for an in my opinion tailored approach.

There are many expenses worried in putting in an industrial EV charger web page together with

  • Electric infrastructure to energy charging stations
  • cord conduit and connectors
  • pouring new concrete
  • parking zone restriping
  • Signs guiding traffic to the EV station

An EV charging machine quote ought to word the expenses of all sports and substances required to put together the distance for set up.


Once all of the vital adjustments had been made to the web web page, it was time to get the charger obtainable and working. Like sun installations, the value varies

  • electric carrier
  • range of chargers
  • Location
  • Quantity and kind of fabric
  • exertions
  • required allows
  • related tax
  • Applicable State and Local Initiatives
networked charging stations

Speaking of incentives, you will possibly want a Wi-Fi-related charger to provide a maximum of them. Network connectivity lets proprietors

  • Limit get admission to sure people (together with citizens of a condo building) if vital
  • Charge customers for their strength intake
  • display station’s overall performance
  • create utilization record

However, a station charging community expenses is greater than a non-networked station.

When charging station substances, infrastructure, and set up, it’s far more frequently feasible to lessen costs with an awesome contractor. Some techniques encompass the usage of current strength infrastructure (if it’s far available), making use of all applicable exemptions and tax breaks, and partnering with adjoining organizations to proportion station responsibilities.

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Can You Make Money From EV Charging Stations?

Providing EV charging is a remarkable enterprise opportunity. Charging now no longer the handiest attracts clients for your keep and generates sales, however also can boom the quantity of money and time clients spend in keep as they look ahead to their motors to charge, thereby Your retail sales increases.

How do I open an EV charging station?

The Government of India has concluded that no license is needed to construct charging infrastructure, as lengthy because it meets ‘The Ministry of Power’s standards. As a result, no unique permission is needed to transmit, distribute or alternate energy for the cause of charging electric-powered automobile batteries.

How a good deal does it value to construct a charging station?

Generally speaking, a Level 2 charger will value between $1,2 hundred and $6,000, whilst a Level three charger will value between $30,000 and $80,000+. Of course, there are numerous different elements to recall while budgeting for an EV charging station, together with set-up expenses, allows and ongoing maintenance.

Are Charging Stations a Good Investment?

Setting up an EV charging station is funding to your enterprise. As electric-powered motors keep to the advantage of marketplace proportion, having handy charging alternatives can assist hold visitors transferring with higher visibility.

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