Best used electric cars 2022, top 5 used electric cars

Best used electric cars 2022

The world used car market is expanding, as is the demand for pre-owned EVs. Many budget-conscious buyers seeking a good deal on a pre-owned vehicle are also looking to swap out their gas tank for a battery pack, and it’s been more than a decade since EVs debuted on the global market, so now There is a wide variety of pre-owned electric cars for you to choose from. Gas-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines have less wear and tear than electric motors, and thus, the quality and reliability of these used models are not far off from new electric vehicles. This is especially true for EVs from recent model years.

Here’s a look at the best used electric cars currently available. Some of which are more affordable than a new car running on gas. And since many used electric vehicles are from recent model years, you may be able to find one with fewer miles than you’d expect.

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Tesla Model s

Best used electric cars 2022

Tesla Model S, estimated miles of range on a full charge: 348-402

Tesla EVs dominate the used electric vehicle market in the United States, and that’s thanks to the fact that they’ve been produced for almost a decade. The Model S was the best-selling plug-in electric car in the world in both 2016 and 2017, praised for both its sharp looks and technological advancements. The spacious sedan was one of the first all-electric vehicles to be available with an AWD powertrain. This is any Model S manufactured after 2016 with rear-facing jump seats and the Tesla Enhanced Summons feature, which allows the vehicle to travel from a parking spot without the driver.

Audi e-Tron

Best used electric cars 2022

Audi e-Tron, Approximate range of miles on a full charge: 204

Debuting as a concept car at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Audi e-Tron has been in production since the model year 2019, and the car’s futuristic, comfortable interior and recognizable Audi look have been praised by critics and drivers alike is off. While it has a shorter range and a less comfortable ride than many of its EV counterparts, this car’s highway performance is in line with its gas-powered Audi siblings.

Jaguar I-Pace

Best used electric cars 2022

Jaguar I-Pace, Estimated miles of range on a full charge: 246-292

The Jaguar I-PACE has sent shockwaves across the automotive industry in the way few cars have since its 2018 debut, making it one of the most attractive used vehicles in today’s pre-owned electric car market. And the Jaguar I-PACE has received more than sixty international awards for technological innovation, passenger safety, and advances in powertrains. More than any other vehicle in contemporary history, including gas-powered vehicles.

Given its combination of performance and luxury features, it’s no surprise that pre-owned Jaguar I-PACE electric cars are in high demand in both the USA and Europe. As lessees adapt to the new model, Jaguar I-PACE is expected to have several more available for sale in the near future.

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BMW i3

Best used electric cars 2022

BMW i3,Approximate mile range on BMW i3 full charge: 259

Debuting in 2013, BMW’s first mass-produced, the zero-emissions vehicle is widely available in the used car market throughout the US and Europe and BMW’s no-frills, upright stance, and somewhat cramped interior make no claims to luxury. The car’s no-nonsense attitude towards efficiency and safety has drawn praise from reviewers and drivers alike. And the BMW i3 has a very reasonable price point compared to its used gas-powered BMW siblings.

Hyundai Kona Electric

Best used electric cars 2022

Hyundai Kona Electric, Approximate mile range on a full charge: 258

Honda Kona EV is present in the market since 2018. The compact crossover’s aggressive stance and colors, such as Tangerine Comet and Acid Yellow, are evidence that it is marketed toward young drivers. Available in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, the Hyundai Kona Electric has been praised by city drivers for its handling and dynamics.

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Which is the most used electric car?

The most used electric car is the BMW i3. It is more expensive than many of its competitors with an average used car price of $18,842. It doesn’t have as long a range as the Nissan LEAF.

Do Electric Cars Only Last 5 Years?

Tesla reports the average age of its electric vehicles to be approximately 200,000 miles in the US and 150,000 miles in the European Union. This is slightly more than the average life expectancy of a car, which is only 12 years. In other words, electric vehicle batteries are predicted to last longer than that vehicle.

What is the cost of a replacement battery for an electric car?

The good news here is that quality electric batteries can last a long time, and most electric cars last for 200,000-300,000 miles before needing to replace the battery. The bad news is when you need to replace them, electric batteries can run you between $4,000 and $20,000.

What are best used electric cars?

Tesla Model 3.
Chevrolet Bolt.
Kia Niro EV.
Audi E-Tron SUV.
Jaguar I-Pace.
Hyundai Kona Electric
Nissan Leaf..
Mini Cooper SE.

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