2023 VinFast VF9 in USA: Review, Price, Performance and Interior

2023 VinFast VF9 in USA– Styled by Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina, manufactured in Vietnam with company headquarters recently relocated to Singapore and the electric 2023 Vinfast VF9 SUV is a product with a driving range of up to 369 miles/charge. In case you’re wondering why you haven’t heard the name VinFast before, it’s because the company is also preparing to start selling its electric vehicles in the United States for the first time. 

The VF9 is roughly the size of the Kia Telluride and has three rows of seats in its furnished cabin, all models come with a 402 hp dual-motor electric powertrain all-wheel drive, and the technical features are plentiful; The VF9 models come with a larger 15.6-inch infotainment display and several driver-assistance features.

VinFast VF9 Price in USA

The Vinfast VF9 will have a base price of $55,500 and the electric crossover will be available in the U.S. for up to $7,500. Will be eligible for federal tax credits as well as state and other incentives, there won’t be many other nine-passenger full-electric SUVs on the market in 2023. But the Kia EV9 is a potential competitor, which could be cheaper than the Rivian R1s. 

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VinFast VF9 Range and Charging 

2023 VinFast VF9 in USA

Driving range varies depending on which battery pack is onboard the VF9, though don’t know the size of any of the battery packs available Winfast says the standard range battery gives 272 miles of driving in the Eco trim, But that number drops to 262 miles for the Plus model, with the Enhanced Range Battery being stronger and giving an estimated 369 miles of driving range in the Eco and 360 miles in the Plus.

Both packs are capable of charging over a DC fast-charging connection, and WinFast says the smaller of the two can charge up to 10-70% in 26 minutes.

VinFast VF9 Performance

All VinFast models come with the same all-wheel-drive electric powertrain, with two electric motors making a total of 402 hp and VinFast estimates the VF9 to reach 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

VinFast VF9 Interior and Cargo

2023 VinFast VF9 in USA

The cabin of the VinFast VF9 looks quite premium in the pictures, with a three-row layout and a design that doesn’t look out of place in an Audi. Joe heat faux-leather power-adjustable seats are standard. But the upscale Plus trims also include genuine leather upholstery, a massage feature, and second-row captain’s chairs.

It gets a dual-zone automatic climate control standard that features an air ionizer to help clear odors from the cabin and adds a third climate control zone for the rear passenger compartment, going with the Plus trim. A power-operated rear liftgate will release hands-free if you kick your foot under the rear bumper.

VinFast VF9 Features

VF9 models come with a comprehensive package of driver-assistance features, including some convenient ones like automatic high-beam headlamps and traffic-sign recognition. For more information on the VF9’s crash test results, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) websites. Major security features include.

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VinFast VF9 Warranty and Maintenance?

Winfast’s generous 10-year/125,000-mile warranty coverage will help allay the apprehensions that come with riding an electric SUV from an unknown brand and only the Genesis GV60 comes with a 10-year warranty policy that extends to 100,000 miles is spread.

What’s new in VinFast VF9 for 2023?

VinFast VF9 is a new automotive brand on North American shores, it has been manufacturing and selling vehicles in Vietnam since 2017. And the VF9 is being launched alongside the smaller VF8 SUV as the brand’s first US offering. The first run of the SUV will be built and imported in Vietnam, and the company will launch in the U.S. starting in 2024. In order to localize manufacturing in the U.S., plans to build a factory in North Carolina have begun.

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